Music and Back Pain

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Music and Back Pain

Music and Back Pain

“I can’t wait to just sit and rest!” Have you ever said something similar or even had the thought? We rush and rush preparing for Christmas and New Years. Failing to reflect and enjoy the true meaning of Christmas. Now after rushing around you have developed back pain. Don’t lose the moments you have to enjoy friends, family and fellowship chasing after things that don’t last.


Need more incentive? Check out the article by Jeffrey Sklar: Stress Reduction and Healing With Music.

Using music in combination with the adjustment may be a method for improving the effectiveness of the treatment as well as patient satisfaction.

What should you listen to?  What do you enjoy? This time of season I suggest, obviously, Christmas Carols. I know it’s old fashion but the radio in my car still works, along with my assorted CD’s, and yes cassette tapes and records. Not to mention iTunes, Pandora, Spotify, GooglePlay,, Beats, Amazon, Satellite Radio.  Wow! there are so many ways to listen to music.  I’m sure you can find something to enjoy and relax with.
Take a few minutes today to enjoy the Christmas Music.  Who knows it may just help what ails you.   May God bless you this Christmas season as well as this New Year.


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