Time for Change – Obesity

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Time for Change – Obesity

Time for Change – Obesity

The new year is right around the corner and most people spend at least a few mins, hours or even days contemplating the past year and what the would like to see in the coming year.  May be it is time for change.

I found there are several interesting  in a recent article by The Wall Street Journal .

American’s spent $60.5 Billion in 2013 on weight-loss efforts – Marketdata Enterpirses, Inc.

Businesses could save up to 9% of healthcare cost by having obese employees  attain normal or even overweight status. Rudd Center – Yale

Fitbit use wears off over time, combined with health coaching has better results. Anthem


Don’t wait for a New Year to make positive changes in your health. Do it today! Pay attention to what you eat. A good friends says, “food is fuel”. What type of fuel are you putting into your body? Start reading labels. If you do not know what it means or can not pronounce it maybe you should consider something else.

Start moving. God made your body to move. You have muscles, ligaments, bones and joints which allow use to do so many movements. Don’t over do it in the beginning.  If your goal is to run a marathon have a plan. It takes time to build that kind of endurance. May be you just want to finish 18 holes of golf pain free, play a tennis match or walk around the block. If you have never done an activity, it has been a long time or you now have other healthcare issues talk to your healthcare provider for guidance, seek out the services of a certified personal trainer or of course ask your Chiropractor.

If you check out the graphic from The Wall Street Journal  article, you may even consider a career change, but that’s a different blog.

Time for change - Obesity

May God bless your new year.

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